Long time has passed since my father in law, Giovanni GIANI, opened his first car racing shop..
It was 1946, World War II had just passed away and people wanted to see machines not meant to kill and maim but to enthusiam and enjoy.
At the subsequent "Coppa della Consuma" hillclimb race, the first organized since the end of the war, the Lancia Aprilia racecar prepared by Giovanni in his small basement and driven by a young Giulio VIOLINI won the first place.
Only a long time later, it was 1968, I had to take the helm of our enlarged family shop, forced by a grave health accident happened to him.
Among other matters I proposed to come back into races.
It was the time of the economic boom, the moment seemed positive and indeed it was, even if for a brief span of time.
He backed me up and together we really had some very good racing seasons; among them - just to name two - the 1968 Costa del Sol Rally victory and the
1970 Sebring 12 hours, won by US.pilots Rod Kennedy, Mike Tillson and Bob Samm, of only recently I have learnt about and really is legend by itself.
Also we also have endured some major setbacks, always mitigated by the certainty of having tried everything we had.
Years are fading away, I was saying before and this site is first of all a big THANK YOU to all those who backed us up in these years and often, like us, betting everything they had and even some more.
If we forgot someone let us know, it will be a pleasure to correct the mistake and to hear from a long time friend.
My son, Nicola, is taking the shop helm from me  every day more and I am sad and happy at the same time and also a bit envy of him because I'd like to do everything again and maybe doing it again one more time.
Don't worry anyway; I plan to stay in the racing business some years more.

We have really had a good time.

                                                                               Mauro "il Giani"
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